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Information sent to Uffiziticket.it with personal details such as name and email address are maintained in electronic format by Uffiziticket.it Anyone that has sent this information can request the deletion of this data at any time by writing to us through the “contact us” page on this site asking for either the update or deletion of their information. Uffiziticket.it commits to using this information only to complete the service or furnish the information requested and will never for any reason share this information with a third party.

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Uffiziticket.it participates in affiliate marketing programs including New Globus Viaggi and Viator Inc. Any links to those sites may earn advertising fees. By buying through our affiliates, you support our website and keep all the info we offer on here free.

This is not the official website of Uffizi or the Official Ticket Office.
We sell official tickets with the same price of the official ticketing office and we guarantee free date changes

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