Help & FAQ

How do I know if the procedure has been completed?

The online procedure is completed when you receive two e-mails: the first one with your summed up order and the bank authorization confirmation, the second one within 48 hours with your voucher. If this not happens, please get in contact with us.

Will I receive my tickets at home?

No. Within 48 hours the voucher will be ready. We will send you an e-mail with your voucher, you must print it and take it with you to the museum.

What happens if I don’t receive an e-mail confirmation?

Maybe a wrong e-mail address was registered in the order form. If you don’t receive any information within 48 hours please get in contact with us. Rarely, the voucher isn’t ready due to technical problems at the museum, like strikes or public holidays. If this happens, please get in contact with us.

What happens if I lose my voucher and I’m leaving for my trip?

Send us an e-mail with your name and the e-mail address of the Hotel you’ve reserved and we will send you there your voucher.

I have lost my Voucher, how can I rescue it?

Click on “Download your Voucher” in the lower box on the left corner of the website page and follow the instructions to rescue your Voucher.

I have just completed booking for my parents/friends. However tickets were booked on my credit card, is this a problem?

The name on the Voucher is not very important; it can be different from cardholder or from the name of the visitors. The booking number on the Voucher is important. Remember that voucher must be printed and taken to the museum.

If I have a voucher, do I have to wait in line?

Some museums have a reserved ticket entrance others do not. Before standing in a long line, ask to museum personnel if you are in the right place (generally if you have booked tickets they let you jump the line).

Can I visit the museum at a different hour or on a different day than the one written on my Voucher?

No, you will be allowed to visit the museum only at the date and time written on your Voucher.

How can I change the day or the hour of my museum reservation?

Send us an e-mail with the new day and/or the new time. Every change costs Euro 4,50 for ticket.

Which is your cancellation policy?

Museums don’t accept free cancellation. You can book a different day and/or time paying Euro 4,50 for ticket.

Why is the visit time on the voucher different from the one I requested?

This happens when the museum cannot accommodate all reservation’s requests, in this case the museum assigns you a visit time closest to the one you requested.

Does the voucher give me the right to exit and visit again the museum the same day?

No, this is not possible. If you exit, you cannot re-visit the museum with the same voucher. Remember the voucher is a reservation just for one time.

Is my voucher all paid for, or I need extra money at the reservation desk?

Everything is enclosed in the payment of your voucher. You do not need to pay anything at the reservation desk.

Can you tell me if it is required an identification document (such as passport) when I exchange voucher with tickets?

If you booked free tickets (for European Union citizens under 18 and for U.S.A. children under 6 years), you need to show an identification card to demonstrate your age and nationality.

Why do you ask money also for free ticket?

The ticket is free for European Union citizens under 18 and for U.S.A. children under 6 years. But only the ticket is free, not the on-line service that is booking fees.

Why do I have to buy the exhibition tickets?

Because exhibition is part of the museum.

I will not be using my voucher. Could you please refund it?

Send us an e-mail (20 days before the date of entrance) with the cancellation’s request, we will give you back the 20% of the value excluded bank costs. Your voucher’s code will not be more usable.

How many museums can I visit per day?

Due to the richness of the collections, we suggest you to spend two or three hours per museum. The best day program is to visit two museums per day.

I want buy more than 30 tickets, what do I have to do?

Please contacts us at info@florence-tickets.com.

I need the Invoice of Payment, where can I find it?

You can download your invoice knowing the Order Number your received and your e-mail address by clicking here.